I love letters and words and the way they look thoughtfully intertwined. Even more, I love using lettering as an avenue to inspire and create things that make a difference. 

 I have always been a doodler of sorts. I can vividly remember writing my friends' names on their Lisa Frank binders in grade school. (Obviously my style has evolved since then, but I do still love my girl, Lisa Frank). But, the fact remains that I love creating with colors and letters that compel people to feel some sort of magical connection with art in ways they haven't before.

I have created wedding invitations and day of goods, custom wood signs and framed brush calligraphy, home decor, and art prints. If you are interested in a lettering service, have any questions about my process and what I do, or you know of a non-profit in need of some advocating, shoot me a message on the contact page! xoxo